Ascense London – Dahnaloud Combody by Cardiff


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Ascense London’s Dahnaloud Combody by cardiff is a Eau de Parfum with sweet intense smoke sense infused with amber blend. It is darker and deeper and much less sweet. The oil has a brighter odour with deep amber base with the other notes swirling through. You may notice a hint of different notes each time you smell it, you may detect a whiff of spices, dried fruits, incense, sweet smoke or an earthy amber blend. Compliments your night outs.

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  1. Ascense London’s Dahnaloud Combody by Cardiff is a smokey and woody Eau de Parfum.
  2. Dahnaloud Combody is a perfume with a sweet intense smoke sense infused with amber.
  3. The fragrance comes in a brown square bottle with a luxurious golden cap.

Perfume Notes

Top Notes:  Smoke, Agarwood (Oud), Dark Wood Notes

Middle Notes:  Dried Fruits and Incense

Base Notes: Agarwood and Amber




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